The year 2020 not only marks a new decade but also my 23rd as a health coach! Yes, it’s true…I have been helping people to become the CEO of their health for over two decades. As I thought about HOW I can IMPACT an even larger number of people this year, I was inspired to create a BRAND-NEW life-changing program called “Lifestyle RESET.”

The truth of the matter is that lifestyle is the ONLY medicine we really have.  It pains me when I see how many people are contaminated without consent.  People who feel awful and have no idea why. People who trust that what they are buying is safe because it is readily available on store shelves. People who don’t realize how poor the quality of their supplements are or even worse, don’t realize that they desperately NEED supplementation to thrive!

My intention for creating this program is to EDUCATE and EMPOWER you to STOP buying products that have been proven over and over to be toxic and ineffective. Health is wealth! You can either INVEST in your health NOW or pay for NOT investing in it later.


Contrary to popular belief, purchasing quality supplements and toxic free products does NOT have to be expensive.  Not only will this program educate you on how to know what to look for and how to avoid KNOWN toxins, it will also help you to create a cost-effective plan to replace them!

Not sure whether YOU need a Lifestyle Reset?  How would you answer the following questions?

  • Does your diet fail to provide you with all the vitamins and minerals necessary for foundational health?
  • Do you prefer to avoid the chemicals and synthetic scents found in standard cleaning and personal care products?
  • Do you have children that could be adversely affected by ingredients found in these products?
  •  Are you interested in keeping your skin feeling and looking healthy and young?
  • Are you seeking a solution to damaged hair or an unhealthy scalp?
  • Do you suffer from the occasional discomfort associated with menopause and aging?
  • Do you experience occasional digestive discomfort?
  • Do fad diets and complicated weight-loss systems prevent you from making positive lifestyle changes?
  • Do occasional aches and pains limit the enjoyment associated with your physically active lifestyle?
  • Do difficult situations affect your attitude?
  • Do you suffer from discomfort associated with seasonal and environmental elements?
  • Do you experience discomfort with occasional head and neck tension?

Did you answer YES to any of these questions? If so, perhaps my LIFESTYLE RESET PROGRAM may be EXACTLY what you need.  I invite you to complete the google form and COMMIT to making 2020 the year that you choose to look at some simple lifestyle modifications as an investment and not an expense. 

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