Welcome to May!🌺

Product of the Month: Clementine 5mL
It’s time for Clementine! With Clementine essential oil, you’ll have the option to clean surfaces naturally, and provide a sweet citrus smell without worrying about toxins. Clementines are mainly produced in Brazil for the fresh fruit industry. The pieces of fruit that can’t be sold (often because of blemishes or bruises) are used to produce juice and essential oil. This additional use provides farmers with income for fruit that would have otherwise been wasted. Do not miss your chance to get this LTO oil for free with any 125 PV Loyalty Order placed by May 15th!

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15% Off: Geranium 15mL
Beauty’s Best Friend; with Geranium, you can naturally promote the appearance of clear, healthy skin and vibrant hair! Geranium grows well in both Madagascar and Kenya, where small-scale farmers have been growing these fragrant plants for decades. The essential oil is steam-distilled from the leaves, stock, and flowers of the geranium plant. Make sure to add Geranium 15mL to your order this month!

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