How do I place LRP orders (Loyalty Rewards Program)?

Log into your Virtual Office at You will automatically be brought to the “Shop” page. There will be a module outlined in purple that reads “Scheduled LRP Orders”. Under the header, you will see a list of all active LRP orders associated with your account.

Click on the grey button that contains the LRP number of the LRP you are wishing to edit.

 From there, one can either:

  • Edit Items: Add Items by either 1) Clicking on the “Continue Shopping” button that is located on the bottom left of each page. From here, you will be able to browse through products and add them to their LRP order by selecting “Add to cart” or 2) Typing the whole or partial name in the “Quick Add to Cart” option that is located on the top of the items area on the LRP page. When you are ready to view the totals of the order as it currently stands, select “View totals”, which is located in the “Order Summary” module to the right of your items. If you are satisfied with the changes, click on “Save Changes”. Your items have now been updated.
  • Edit Shipping: To change ship to address, select the “Edit” option located next to “Ship To” near the top of the page. Shipping method can be edited on the right hand side of the page in the order summary module.  
  • Edit Payment: To edit card information, select “Edit” located next to “Payment” near the top of the page. Here, cards can be edited, added, and deleted.

Please note..

  • All Loyalty rewards orders must run the 1st-28th of the month.
  • Changes to LRP orders must be made before midnight (Mountain Standard Time) of the processing date.
  • LRP orders may be created or changed online. However, the last LRP Order cannot be canceled or deleted online. If you “zero out” your last LRP order online, the changes will not be saved and you will continue to receive your order. Please contact Member Services to permanently delete the last LRP template.

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