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New year, new resolutions! What is your goal for 2020? Is it to lose weight? Eat better? Exercise more? How about to be a healthier, happier version of YOU? It’s easier said than done. But, lucky for you, DoTERRA offers the BEST products to achieve these goals. Enter Slim and Sassy® Softgels!


Slim and Sassy® Softgels contain DoTERRA’s proprietary Slim and Sassy® essential oil blend in a carrageenan capsule and includes the essential oils Grapefruit, Lemon, Peppermint, Ginger, and Cinnamon. It is designed to give the user all the benefits of the Slim and Sassy®
essential oil blend in supplement form which makes it easy to ingest on a regular basis.

Like the other products in DoTERRA’s Slim and Sassy® line, it is intended to help those pursuing healthy weight management. It does this by providing detoxifying benefits, promoting a
healthy metabolism, and aiding in digestion. But it must be supplemented with a diet and exercise. Weight loss does not come easy. So if you’re looking for a quick fix, you’re in the wrong
place. Slim and Sassy® is perfect those striving to achieve their weight loss goal and feel better overall.

Top Uses:
  •  Provides Energy Take Slim and Sassy® daily (or as a supplement) to boost your energy. Take three to five softgels throughout the day as needed.
  • Manages Cravings and Appetite When starting a diet, it may difficult to eat less than you used to or avoid the temptation for foods you’ve decided to cut out of your diet. Take a Slim and Sassy® softgel before meals to help control your appetite and avoid overeating.
  • Cleanses Your Body of Impurities Lemon and Graepfruit are highly detoxifying essential oils. Take Slim and Sassy® daily (three to five throughout the day) to feel the full effects
    of this blend.
  • Regulates Digestive System Slim and Sassy® Softgels provide benefits that can aid in digestion and calm the stomach. Take before meals to soothe the belly. Save 10% on Slim and Sassy® Softgels and give your 2020 goals the boost they need! We’d love
    to hear your testimonies.

Save 10% off on Slim and Sassy® Softgels and give your 2020 goals the boost they need! We’d love to hear your testimonies.

Don’t have a DōTERRA wholesale account? Click the button below to get started. It’s super easy and you will be amazed at what you will experience on your essential oil journey!


Jayden Almeida has been the head blogger of Essentially Sp’OILed for Life since 2019. Her passion is to help readers understand the benefits of essential oils to achieve a happier and healthier lifestyle. In addition to writing for ESFL, Jayden’s also a novice author determined to publish her own series of literature.

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