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Temperatures are droppin’, leaves feebly fallin’, brisk winds apallin’; it’s winter! Or perhaps as “winter-esque” as your state dares (ahem, Florida). Winter is a season that promises bittersweet amenities. But bitter more than sweet if you’re sick.

Did you know that flu season occurs from Fall to Winter? Your wife will tell you different. While the virus does circulate year-round, its activity peaks between December and February, but activity can last until late May. Luckily, DoTERRA has a few products that can help prevent a bitter winter because let’s be honest… Sick is so last season.

OnGuard® AND Breathe®: THE DYNAMIC DUO

OnGuard® is the go-to oil for every sniffle and cough. It is a proprietary oil blend of Wild Orange, Clove, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, and Rosemary that provides an efficient alternative for immune support. Especially when taken as a supplement. This versatile essential oil should be a staple for immune support against seasonal and environmental threats.

Top 10 Uses Include:

  1. Immune Support Take 4 drops of OnGuard® in a veggie capsule or an OnGuard® softgel daily. You can also pop the OnGuard® beadlets whenever you feel as if your immune system has been compromised.
  2. Cleaning Fill an 8 oz spray bottle with water and 5 drops of OnGuard® to clean surfaces.
  3. Linen Spray Combine 1 cup of water, 2 tbsp of rubbing alcohol, and 5 drops of OnGuard® for a linen spray.
  4. Spotless Dishes Add to dishwater fluid to remove water spots or tough stains.
  5. Mood Booster Diffuse 2-4 drops of OnGuard® in the diffuser for an uplifting aroma.
  6. Keep Kids Healthy Rub OnGuard® on the bottom of your child’s feet for an immune boost during school season.
  7. Mouthwash Add a drop to 8 oz of water and use as a mouthwash.
  8. Sinus Steamer Add 2-3 drops of OnGuard® to a bowl of hot water and breathe to clear airways.
  9. Throat Soother Add a drop of OnGuard® to a tablespoon of honey to soothe your throat.
  10. Food Soak in sliced apples or apply 1-2 drops in popcorn for a tasty treat.

Breathe® will clear airways any time of day! DoTERRA’s remarkable blend of Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Melaleuca, Lemon, and Cardamom minimize the effects of seasonal threats. These oils work together to maintain open airways, reduce respiratory distress, and soothe inflammation. It is a great oil for both adults AND kids!

Top 8 Uses Include:

  1. Good Night’s Sleep Diffuse 3-4 drops of Breathe® in the diffuser at night for a restful sleep during seasons of respiratory distress. Combine it with DoTERRA’s Serenity®.
  2. Sinus Steamer Combine OnGuard® and Breathe® to a bowl of hot water or a warm, damp towel and inhale to clear airways.
  3. Invigorating Work-Out Apply 2-3 drops of Breathe® to your chest to enhance breathing during a tough work-out.
  4. Concentration The oils in Breathe® can stimulate mental activity and wake the mind. Diffuse it or cup in your hands!
  5. Reduce Seasonal Threats Breathe® provides a natural solution to help reduce the effects of seasonal threats Diffuse Breathe® to mitigate the experience of the shifts of the season.
  6. Calming The fresh and minty aroma of Breathe® can produce feelings of relaxation.
  7. Massage Add a couple drops to your choice lotion and massage into muscles for a soothing icy-hot feeling
  8. Pick Me Up Diffuse with Wild Orange in the afternoon for an energy pick me up.

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Jayden Almeida has been the head blogger of Essentially Sp’OILed for Life since 2019. Her passion is to help readers understand the benefits of essential oils to achieve a happier and healthier lifestyle. In addition to writing for ESFL, Jayden’s also a novice author determined to publish her own series of literature.

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