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Hawaiian Sandalwood

Did you know that doTERRA funds 9600 acres of natural forest to distill Sandalwood? It is the largest reforest station in Hawaii co-led by people on the ground. And no wonder! Hawaii’s native Sandalwood trees have long been prized for their beautiful aroma and unique properties, especially pertained to mental wellness. This oil has thousands of documented studies under its belt and thus is highly valued among many users.


Hawaiian Sandalwood, also known as iliahi in Hawaii, is a hemiparasitic plant which means it needs a host for some of its nutrition. It can produce its own carbon through photosynthesis, but the tree must connect to the roots of other plants to receive water and other essential nutrients from the soil. Most often the Sandalwood trees will connect with those in the surrounding area like the native (and second most common) Koa tree.

Sandalwood trees have to mature 30 years before any oil can be sustained from them. The highest concentration of oil is found in the heartwood; the ratio of heartwood to sapwood increases as the trees age. Older trees equal more oil.

But this fact is most interesting…

Sandalwood is actually distilled from the wood chips.

Steam is passed through the chipped wood which separates the essential oil from the wood. That leaves an oil and water mixture. The oil rises to the top of the mixture, separating from the water, and is then collected. However, Sandalwood takes the longest to distill. It is available all year long unlike Lavender which is only available four weeks out of the entire year. But it takes 5-7 days to distill Hawaiian Sandalwood and only 75 minutes start-to-finish to distill Lavender.

Top Uses:
  • Healthy Skin Hawaiian Sandalwood is well-known for its use in skin care products and routines. Add a little Hawaiian Sandalwood to your facial cleansers or apply directly to
    reduce the appearance of occasional skin imperfections.
  • Meditation, Prayer, And Spiritual Worship This oil has been used since ancient times for its powerful ability to calm the mind, still the heart, and prepare the spirit to commune with God. Apply one 1 behind your neck before studying, meditating, or praying.
  • Quieting Flashbacks and Soothing Acute Stress Diffuse 3-4 drops of Hawaiian Sandalwood in your diffuser to uplift your mood and decrease tension.
  • Hair Treatment Give your hair a vibrant glow. Apply 1-2 drops of Hawaiian Sandalwood to your wet hair once you get out of the shower. It will help restore moisture and give it a
    healthy shine.

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Jayden Almeida has been the head blogger of Essentially Sp’OILed for Life since 2019. Her passion is to help readers understand the benefits of essential oils to achieve a happier and healthier lifestyle. In addition to writing for ESFL, Jayden’s also a novice author determined to publish her own series of literature.

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