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DōTERRA’s Lifelong Vitality

The bible tells us that as Christians our purpose is to share the Good News. No, DoTERRA does not declare the Good News of our Lord’s precious and holy gift. However, they do offer some spectacular promotions! If you enroll with 100 PV in May and place a 100 PV LRP order in June you earn a FREE doTERRA Lifelong Vitality Pack®. Now that is some good news!

The Lifelong Vitality Pack® or LLV is a collection of essential nutrients with metabolic benefits and powerful antioxidants designed to help promote energy, health, and lifelong vitality.” LLV is compromised of three supplements: Microplex VMz®, xEO Mega®, and Alpha CRS+®. It intends to be the convenient and affordable method to support a lifetime of vitality. Although vitality depends on factors such as diet, exercise, rest, stress management, and toxic load—LLV is the first step to restoring your cellular and nutritional health.

Microplex VMz®

Microplex VMz® is a food nutrient complex of essential vitamins and minerals not found in our modern diets. Primarily used to support cellular health, Microplex contains vitamins A, C, and E to fight free radicals, support healthy metabolism, and induce optimum cell energy. It also supports bone health with calcium, zinc, and vitamin D. Several other ingredients include B vitamins, magnesium, selenium, copper, manganese, and chromium; and digestive enzymes such as protease, lactase, lipase, amylase, α-galactosidase, diastase, glucoamylase, and peptidase. Microplex VMz® is a must-have for healthy metabolism, bone, cellular, immune, and digestive health, and systemic benefits of vitality.

xEO Mega®

xEO Mega® is an omega complex made from an assortment of CPTG essential oils and a proprietary blend of omega fatty acids. Omega fatty acids help support joint, cardiovascular, brain, and immune health. One serving of xEO Mega® provides 300 milligrams of EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid), 300 milligrams of DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), 250 milligrams of plant-sourced fatty acids, and 70 milligrams of other omega 3s. It is also formulated with a blend of doTERRA’s CPTG essential oils Clove, Frankincense, Thyme, Cumin, Wild Orange, Peppermint, Ginger, Caraway, and German Chamomile.

Alpha CRS+®

Alpha CRS+® is a cellular vitality complex made of natural botanical extracts that support healthy cell function. It does this by reducing oxidative stress to DNA and other crucial cell structures, supplying metabolic factors of energy production, and helping brain function such as mental clarity. Alpha CRS+® contains powerful polyphenols including baicalin from scutellaria root, resveratrol from polygonum cuspidatum, ellagic acid from pomegranate, proanthocyanidins from grape seeds, curcumin from turmeric root, and silymarin from milk thistle.


Keep out of children’s reach. For future-reference, all the LLV products are made with sodium lauryl sulfate-free vegetable capsules. Also, they do not contain milk, wheat, or animal products.

That is quite a mouthful! But the Lifelong Vitality Pack is a NEED for new customers that want to start their health journey on the right foot. Place you orders today to earn a free Lifelong Vitality Pack! We’d love to hear your testimonies.

Jayden Almeida has been the head blogger of Essentially Sp’OILed for Life since 2019. Her passion is to help readers understand the benefits of essential oils to achieve a happier and healthier lifestyle. In addition to writing for ESFL, Jayden’s also a novice author determined to publish her own series of literature.

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