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DōTERRA’s Myrrh

Easter is just around the corner. Commence marshmallow chicks, plastic eggs full of gifts, and delicious chocolate bunnies galore! But above all sugar-high giggles and cheeks stuffed with candy, Easter serves as an anniversary of God’s greatest miracle: the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

So, how do essential oils correlate with the most significant event in history?


“Saturday evening, when the Sabbath ended, Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of James, and Salome went out and purchased burial spices so they could anoint Jesus’ body.”

Mark 16:1 (NLT).

John 19:39 recalls something similar.

“With him came Nicodemus, the man who had come to Jesus at night. He brought seventy-five pounds of perfumed ointment made from myrrh and aloes.”

John 19:3 (NLT)

“Burial spices” referred to several herbs such as aloes, balsam, cumin, cassia, cinnamon, coriander, dill, frankincense, galbanum, henna, mint, myrrh, onycha, rue, saffron, spikenard and stacte. However, the Resurrection is associated with specifically myrrh. Myrrh was the anointing oil given to Moses, one of the gifts brought by the wise men to baby Jesus and was used in embalming. It was often thought to be used to foreshadow Jesus’ death or that he was born to die.

Discovered more than 3,700 years ago, myrrh has been used throughout history as a perfume, incense, and health aid. It has powerful antioxidant activity and is often used to soothe the skin. But it also has one of the highest levels of sesquiterpenes, a class of compounds that effects the hypothalamus, pituitary and amygdala, the seat of our emotions. Thus, it is highly desirable for emotional balance.


To use myrrh, diffuse 1-2 drops to help promote awareness and lift your mood. Add to your lotions or moisturizers to help reduce the appearance of imperfections. It can also be used during prayer and meditation! Because of its significance in the Bible, using myrrh is ideal during your religious endeavors and may help you connect with God.


Do not use it during pregnancy as myrrh oil is fetotoxic (poisonous to the fetus). Myrrh oil may lower blood sugar levels, so it is not recommended for people with diabetes or other blood sugar conditions. And, like always, avoid contact with eyes, inner ears, and sensitive areas.

Quick tip: myrrh is very thick and sticky. Clean the diffuser after use by dispelling white vinegar for a cycle.


Enjoy some Easter recipes! Perfect for diffusers and roller balls!

Jelly Beans

  • 3 drops of Citrus Bliss
  • 2 drops of Wild Orange
  • 2 drops of Juniper Berry
  • 1 drop of Lemongrass

Spring Rain

  • 2 drops of Vetiver
  • 2 drops of Lemon
  • 1 drop of Wintergreen

Resurrection Sunday

  • 2 drops of Basil
  • 2 drops of Clary Sage
  • 2 drops of Lemon
  • 2 drops of Spearmint


  • 6 drops of Frankincense
  • 6 drops of Wild Orange
  • 5 drops of Sandalwood
  • 5 drops of Lemon
  • 4 drops of Petitgrain
  • 4 drops of Bergamot

Have a hippity-hoppity happy Easter!

Jayden Almeida has been the head blogger of Essentially Sp’OILed for Life since 2019. Her passion is to help readers understand the benefits of essential oils to achieve a happier and healthier lifestyle. In addition to writing for ESFL, Jayden’s also a novice author determined to publish her own series of literature.

DōTERRA’s Breathe

It’s time to log in to your DoTERRA accounts and place a 125 PV order because DoTERRA’s Breathe® Touch is free until April 15th! Trust me, you don’t want to miss it.


Breathe® is a blend of Laurel (Bay), Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Melaleuca, Lemon, Cardamom, Ravintsara, and Ravensara that helps promote clear breathing and a healthy respiratory system. One of its most renowned uses is to soothe seasonal threats (much like the previously discussed TriEase)! Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Lemon, Cardamom, Ravintsara, and Ravensara work together to maintain open airways and reduce respiratory distress. While Laurel and Melaleuca soothe inflammation and irritations that may come with these pesky seasonal threats.

But what many don’t know is that Breathe® is great for emotional health. If you feel sad, are grieving or despairing, convinced that you’re unloved, or are distrustful and closed off; rather than being suffocated by your emotions, Breathe® helps you exhale the negativity and inhale the richness of life.


You can use Breathe® to clear and maintain open airways, soothe seasonal threats, calm nerves, and promote a restful sleep. Inhale 2-4 drops from cupped hands (or simply add to a diffuser) and apply it to your chest for seasonal irritations, congestion, or coughing. You can also inhale or diffuse Breathe® for a restful environment. For constricting emotions, inhale from cupped hands or diffuse, and apply 1-3 diluted drops over you heart or chest. Breathe® blends well with Peppermint, Spearmint, Wild Orange, Bergamot, and Lime essential oils for diffusion.


Breathe® can irritate sensitive skin. Keep out of reach from children. Also, if you’re pregnant or nursing, consult with your physician. Avoid direct contact with inner ears, eyes, and sensitive areas. Since Breathe® contains Lemon, areas with applied oils will be photosensitive.

Get your Breathe® Touch for free, and experience more than a breath of fresh air. Offer ends April 15th! Don’t miss it!

Jayden Almeida has been the head blogger of Essentially Sp’OILed for Life since 2019. Her passion is to help readers understand the benefits of essential oils to achieve a happier and healthier lifestyle. In addition to writing for ESFL, Jayden’s also a novice author determined to publish her own series of literature.

DōTERRA TriEase Softgels

Spring is almost here! From the mud come flowers as golden as sunshine, and birds with their sweet morning melodies. Here comes the scent of spruce on a warm breeze, and the promise of a relished afternoon shower. But a shadow looms in your metaphorical happy meadow; a monster on a mission to make you miserable. He’ll cause your nose to run, your eyes to tear up, your throat to itch, and your lungs to close. His name is Caesar the Threat! One touch of his gruesome fingers, and you’ll experience the beauty of spring from your bedroom window with only a mound of tissues to accompany you.

But what if there was a solution? A kryptonite for this unruly monster?

DoTERRA’s TriEase Softgels were developed to protect against seasonal threats like Caesar the Threat with the help of three unique heroes: Larry Lemon, Lola Lavender, and Patrick Peppermint. Larry Lemon contains a special DNA structure that allows him to cleanse the body’s systems and support healthy respiratory function. Much like his fraternal twin, Patrick Peppermint promotes clear breathing and may provide a soothing sensation to the throat. Lola Lavender has a natural calming effect and can soothe those nasty skin irritations. Together, they create team TriEase. Their job is to maintain a healthy respiratory system, normal immune response, and thwart evil Caesar the Threat’s plans to destroy the perfect spring!


Ingest one to two TriEase softgels daily to reduce histamine response, open airways, relieve itchiness, ease nasal congestion, and soothe environmental irritations. However, it’s important to keep out of children’s reach. If you’re pregnant, nursing, or under a doctor’s care, consult your physician with any concerns. Aside from Lavender, Lemon, and Peppermint, TriEase softgels also contain non-GMO corn starch, glycerin, carrageenan, purified water, and maltitol.

IT’S 10% OFF!

Are you ready to beat Caesar the Threat and enjoy your spring? Prepare yourself with the help of TriEase – 10% off all April long!

Jayden Almeida has been the head blogger of Essentially Sp’OILed for Life since 2019. Her passion is to help readers understand the benefits of essential oils to achieve a happier and healthier lifestyle. In addition to writing for ESFL, Jayden’s also a novice author determined to publish her own series of literature.

DōTERRA’s Mito2Max

Didn’t you hear? Mito2Max is 10% off this month! Cue imaginary applause. You should be dancing in your seats!

But on the off-chance you don’t know what Mito2Max is, DoTERRA defines it as “a proprietary formula of standardized plant extracts and metabolic co-factors that supports healthy cellular production.” That means that Mito2Max is a dietary supplement that supports healthy mitochondrial function. Think of it as a vitamin that allows mitochondria to reach its optimal or maximum use. You can use it to increase cellular energy, improve micro-circulation, stimulate mitochondria, and refine stamina.


We’ve all heard the phrase, “the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell.” But what does that mean—to be the powerhouse of the cell? Our cells are organized in a system, much like our own bodies, and the mitochondria are the mini digestive tracts. It takes in nutrients, breaks them down, and creates energy rich molecules for the cell. These molecules are then stored for energy. When you have low or dysfunctional mitochondria, your energy levels decrease and your left with a lust for coffee or a well-earned nap.

Mito2Max contains compounds that support healthy mitochondrial production. Acetyl-L-Carnitine, Mito2Max’s primary ingredient, supports mental health, mitochondrial function, and circulation to the brain. Oligonol® is an antioxidant blend of lychee, fruit extract, and green tea leaf polyphenol extract that is effective at protecting cells against free radicals and oxidation. It also helps support improved circulation and energy. Ashwagandha root extract has been utilized for boosting energy levels and supporting immunity. All these ingredients create the powerful Mito2Max, the ultimate energy booster. Amazing, right? But how do you use it? What can you use it for?


Got that “two-thirty feeling” or afternoon fatigue? Carb-heavy diets, sedentary lifestyles, dehydration, and decrease in body temperature can cause that common bout of sleepiness. Take a capsule of Mito2Max to increase your energy levels, and nip that feeling in the bud! A capsule is also great pre-workout to boost your energy. Skip your daily Monster can or cup of coffee, and experience that same kick naturally! All it takes is one capsule.

Mito2Max can increase your endurance, boost your exogenous antioxidant intake, control the spread of free radicals, and maximize your mitochondrial levels each day! It can be used as a healthy, long-term alternative to caffeinated drinks and supplements for increased energy and vitality. Let’s discuss a few safety concerns before closing!


Mito2Max should be stored in a cool, dry place. If a pregnant woman wishes to use Mito2Max, the product should be monitored by her physician. Children can use Mito2Max, but it is recommended in smaller doses (one capsule). Also, NEVER take Mito2Max before bed! It’ll keep you up.


Get Mito2Max 10% off this month! You’ll feel re-energized, revitalized, and renewed! You won’t regret it!

Jayden Almeida has been the head blogger of Essentially Sp’OILed for Life since 2019. Her passion is to help readers understand the benefits of essential oils to achieve a happier and healthier lifestyle. In addition to writing for ESFL, Jayden’s also a novice author determined to publish her own series of literature.

DōTERRA’s Lemongrass

Now that you’ve ordered your product of the month, (which is a 125 PV exchange for a free commodity), let’s discuss the life-saver: Lemongrass!


Hailing from the Cymbopogon genus, a family of tropical island plants, Lemongrass has been used for centuries amongst cooks and tea-enthusiasts. However, it also pertains to many therapeutic benefits. The essential oil helps treat circulatory issues, behavioral problems, headaches, infections, nervous system disorders, and menstrual irregularities. In fact, Lemongrass was nicknamed “fever grass” for its ability to cool a fever. Cool, right? That’s only the beginning!

Lemongrass is anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antiparasitic, hypoglycemic, neurobehavioral—Excuse me, I forgot to take a metaphorical breath! What grabs my attention is Lemongrass’s antimutagenic effects.

A 2013 study conducted by Kavisa Ghosh examined the interaction between Lemongrass extract and citral emulsion (a compound found in Lemongrass) with two different cervical cell lines commonly used in cancer research: HeLa and ME-180. The results were significant. Both substances decreased the spread in mutation while increasing oxidative stress on the cancer cells. This caused the potential of the mitochondrial membrane to change and stimulate healthy apoptosis (cell death). Not only has Lemongrass provoked these changes within cervical cancer, but also prostate cancer, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, liver cancer, skin cancer, and sarcoma. Ghosh concluded her abstract with this statement: “All the results suggest lemongrass oil and citral emulsion could be considered as potential candidates for anticancer agents.”


When ingested, Lemongrass reduces LDL cholesterol and sustains healthy levels of triglycerides. LDL cholesterol stands for low-density lipoproteins. It’s also considered “the bad” cholesterol because it causes fatal damage at higher levels. High levels of LDL are a primary contributor to atherosclerosis. Still, even with Lemongrass to help regulate those levels of LDL, it’s necessary to sustain a healthy diet too.


Furthermore, Lemongrass is known for its remarkable anti-fungal properties. Lemongrass can treat almost all types of yeast infections and Candida overgrowths. Just two drops internally each day has shown a dramatic decrease in yeast infections. This is because Lemongrass contains a compound called farnesol which serves as a fungal metabolite. In other words, it eats or metabolizes fungus cells. Picture a molecular-sized Pac-Man engulfing those fungus-infested ghosts!

Now that we’ve covered three primary uses of Lemongrass, let’s discuss usage tips and safety precautions.


Because Lemongrass can stimulate menstrual flow, women who are pregnant and nursing mothers should not use it. Also, Lemongrass contains several chemical irritants (neral and farnesol), so skin sensitivities may occur. Avoid contact with eyes, inner ears, and sensitive areas. You should never apply oils directly to ear or nose canals. For optimal use, apply a few drops on desired areas or add it into a diffuser.


Lemongrass is great for skin health. Its antiseptic and astringent properties make it perfect for even and glowing skin! Moreover, Lemongrass can be added to hygiene products for more thick and lustrous hair. Apply several drops to your shampoos, conditioners, soaps, and lotions. Seriously! Good or bad hair days can become your choice.


It’s baseball season, parents! Your kiddos are out on the field, dust eluding from beneath their feet like a galloping race-horse, hitting home-runs, pitching a third-strike—and you forgot your bug spray! While you’re busy slapping at mosquitos, you miss your kid whack the ball out of the park. Well, what can you do? Tell your kid that you missed their monumental moment? Easy fix! Lemongrass is a natural repellent with a mild smell. Add 10 to 15 drops to a spray bottle filled with water and use the mixture as a bug spray. Bugs abhor that citrusy stench.


Now you can stop tip-toeing around the idea of using your new Lemongrass! There’s an entire world of benefit capped in a single amber bottle, just waiting for you! Try Lemongrass today and tell us about your testimony!

Jayden Almeida has been the head blogger of Essentially Sp’OILed for Life since 2019. Her passion is to help readers understand the benefits of essential oils to achieve a happier and healthier lifestyle. In addition to writing for ESFL, Jayden’s also a novice author determined to publish her own series of literature.

DōTERRA’s Deep Blue

It’s official; that new work-out routine is kicking your butt. Your body aches, your muscles hardly cooperate, and you feel as if you’ve been trampled by a dump truck. All the “fitness experts” that’d encouraged you to run those ten miles or lift that extra five pounds—they’re to blame! Now, you’re convinced that you’ll feel like the bottom of a farmer’s filthy boot forever. But with DōTERRA’s Deep Blue, forever becomes twenty minutes.


Made from DōTERRA’s certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils—Wintergreen, Camphor, Peppermint, Ylang Ylang, Helichrysum, Blue Tansy, Blue Chamomile, and Osmanthus work together to soothe an assortment of aches and pains. Discomfort in hands, feet, and elbows; even head and neck tension! Deep Blue can reduce pain immediately and effectively. To understand how it works, let’s break it down oil by oil and discuss the individual uses that create such a helpful blend!


Wintergreen, Helichrysum, and Peppermint are considered analgesics. They act like your typical pain relievers. However, what’s so great about Wintergreen and Peppermint is that they induce a hot and cold sensation similar to Biofreeze gels or IcyHot patches. While Biofreeze and IcyHot remain synthetic, Wintergreen and Peppermint can soothe your aches naturally with that same satisfying tingle.

Blue Tansy and Blue Chamomile contain anti-inflammatory compounds such as chamazulene, a terpenoid antioxidant. That means chamazulene lowers inflammation by fighting free radical damage and preventing cell mutation. Rich with these terpenoids, Blue Tansy and Blue Chamomile work together as an ultimate immune booster and can to subdue any sort of pain.

Camphor is you’re cellular repairman; it is highly regenerative. It actively searches for the root of the damage and begins to mend anew. Camphor is also rich in antioxidants and thus works to heal cells and promote cellular growth. With all these oils combined to combat pain, reduce inflammation, stimulate healthy cell repair, and support cellular growth—we get the powerful Deep Blue as a result. If that’s not amazing, I don’t know what is! And guess what?


Now, if you’ve been paying attention, DōTERRA has released a spectacular promotional deal! Place a 200 PV order any time during the month of March, and you’ll get a Deep Blue rub and a 5 mL Deep Blue oil for free! (Um, yes, please?) But before you place your order, and I know you will, let’s discuss a few of the safety precautions associated with Deep Blue’s ingredients, and how to apply both products (oil and rub) for instant relief.


The Deep Blue rub includes the Deep Blue oil for its beneficial properties while also maintaining several ingredients to accommodate its cream-like solution. One of these ingredients is sweet almond oil. Consequently, those with tree-nut allergies should be cautious. Consult with your doctor or a trusted wellness advocate. If you develop a rash or other serious reaction, do not continue its use.

Other safety precautions for both oil and rub include its strict external use. Avoid contact with eyes, and do not use directly on wounds. Keep out of children’s reach to avoid accidental ingestion, and if swallowed, get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center immediately. It is also important to remember that Deep Blue causes a hot and cold sensation. Those with skin sensitives will have to dilute the oil (and possibly the rub) with a dose of carrier oil; preferably coconut oil.

For optimal use, massage a dime-sized portion of the lotion into affected areas. A hot and cold sensation should ensue and provide an immediate sense of relief. This is great for clients of massage therapists! Moreover, athletes can use the rub to loosen tight muscles before a work-out and after to alleviate soreness.

On the other hand, the oil is excellent for occasional or even chronic joint pain. From arthritis and tendonitis to sprains and nerve pain, the Deep Blue essential oil can be diluted and applied to any desired area. Growing children can use several drops of diluted Deep Blue on their legs before bed to relieve neuralgic pain, commonly called growing pain. A few drops can be applied to joints to reduce arthritis or tendonitis pain. You can even combine the Deep Blue oil and rub for a more powerful concoction!


Think about what you can do with a mere drop of Deep Blue. Eliminate your pain now; place a 200 PV order and get Deep Blue and Deep Blue rub for free! I’d love to hear your results!

Jayden Almeida has been the head blogger of Essentially Sp’OILed for Life since 2019. Her passion is to help readers understand the benefits of essential oils to achieve a happier and healthier lifestyle. In addition to writing for ESFL, Jayden’s also a novice author determined to publish her own series of literature.