About Me

Nicole Almeida, Holistic Health Coach and founder of Essentially Sp’OILed for Life. 

I’m a homeschooling mama to my 6 most precious blessings and wife to an amazing guy. I’ve been a Holistic Health Coach for twenty years and I believe that we ALL deserve to be the CEO of our health! My true passion is to educate and empower individuals to reach their personal goals, both physically and psychologically by simply living a more natural lifestyle.

My twenty years of diverse experience in the health and fitness industry began back in the mid-90’s at Northeastern University in Boston as a Health Science major with a concentration in Exercise Science and Nutrition. An internship for two well respected Orthopedic Surgeons led to full time employment. My tenure there increased my knowledge of modern medicine, where the focus was primarily that the body is a machine that is best fixed with drugs and surgery.

This quickly became a deep rooted conflict for me. As I began to further my studies, taking as many courses as I could on natural medicine, I knew that I wanted to promote health through non-toxic therapies such as nutrition, lifestyle modification and herbal remedies. My interests led me to working as a Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, and Holistic Health Coach.

My love for natural medicine and my fearless entrepreneurial spirit gave birth to Essentially Sp’OILed for Life. This has been twenty years in the making as I’ve had the opportunity to gain a wealth of experience, knowledge and passion in my vast career in the health and wellness industry. I have authored and co-authored several holistic health courses and am a national presenter for allied health professionals.

Members of my tribe enjoy a tight-knit community on a global scale. If YOU are ready to step into the BEST version of yourself (inside and out), then you have found your new home!

I am in love with:
Making Connections
Building Community
Educating and Empowering!

"Educating, Empowering and Changing Lives One Drop At A Time"